True player development occurs when a player’s daily training and playing environment is of the highest quality. Our teaching model will totally focus on player development at the expense of any game outcomes. A child’s physical development can be drastically varied in the Zone 1 age group. Players may understand the game and its needs, but are not capable of performing all of the tasks at their physical stage. This can lead to frustration. Zone 1 Academy nurtures and address this disparity within our curriculum. Our measurement of success will be:

The player's enjoyment levels (they must learn to love the game)
The player's ability to play and learn the game in the "right" manner
The player’s technical improvements

The curriculum will be comprised of fun (but challenging) drills and games which will teach the technical concepts and principles of the game. The program will be based on the principles of early childhood education where players will learn by:


  • Following progressions and sequences
  • Understanding that learning proceeds at varying rates
  • Understanding the importance of interacting maturation and experience
  • Providing a secure, positive learning environment
  • Understanding the value of “free-play”
  • Understanding the value of challenging the player
  • Creating developmentally appropriate practices
  • Creating a community of knowledgeable and caring coaching staff

Players will be expected to be independent decision makers who are confident enough to experiment and explore. Coaches will communicate by utilizing the SEQUENTIAL PROGRESSION THEORY of building up challenges that are just within the emotional and physical capabilities of the youngsters. The curriculum will provide the players with opportunities to solve challenges individually and in small group settings.

The continuity of the curriculum is what will connect the 1st year player with the 5th year player.

Type of Instruction


Our Program
will Have

  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Coaches who deliver clear, concise and correct information
  • A sequential progression list of activities – simple to complex
  • A safe and appropriate training area
  • Opportunities for players to think for themselves
  • Relevance to the complete game


Our Coaches & Program Directors will

  • Be people who will inspire
  • Provide a fun but challenging environment
  • Be people who will listen to and respect the participants
  • Be people who praise effort and provide opportunities for individual exploration and creativity
  • Be people who have a passion for teaching the game