The Zone 1 Program

  • 4 practices will be offered each week. Players may attend as many as they wish. This allows for players to be as committed as they would like to be, and also allows for multi-sport participation for players and families who want to continue with other sports – something we highly recommend!
  • The daily training atmosphere will be a point of emphasis. There will be more practice sessions and fewer matches for our players.
  • Individual and small group play will be emphasized. Sessions will progress from movement education (balance, coordination, agility) to technical ball proficiency.
  • Freedom of expression will be encouraged.

The Program Match Days

Game days will be one of our biggest points of differences as we imitate the atmosphere created during the street soccer era, where no pressure free play was in abundance and where a passion for the game is developed. All games will be played in-house and supervised/coached by our coaching staff.

We will utilize the “scrambled” team approach where players are not assigned to a specific team, but are divided evenly on each game day, allowing them to play with and against different players. Our staff will be on the sidelines at all games to provide guidance and supervision, but the majority of the games will be left in the hands of the players.

They will solve problems as they occur, which will help generate and foster an environment which will encourage mutual respect and honesty.

Zone 1 Academy also believes that developing the competitive spirit is an important part of player development. There is nothing wrong with playing to win and most youngsters are naturally competitive and want to win. Our match days will place the players in an environment where playing to win is encouraged but not achieved at the expense of development. Players will strive to win but at the same time play with creativity, unabashed freedom, technical proficiency and intelligence.

Referees will be introduced in our 9 & 10 year old program. The main purpose of introducing the officials will be to help our players learn to respect the referees, play by and accept the rules.